You know your A/C is broken when . . .

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

11. When you get up from the couch you automatically look back to see if you left a sweat angel (think of a snow angel)

10. You don't sleep with any blankets or sheets.

9. You sweat just sitting in the luxury of your home.

8. No matter how long you have the blow dryer on, your clients hair doesn't seem to be getting dry. (Hmmm. . . maybe she's sweating just a little bit.)

7. Your daughter is drinking so much water, even the camels are jealous of her.

6.Your constantly finding excuses to leave your house, even if it's just to sit in your car with the a/c blasting.

5. Running out of HOT water in the shower is a WONDERFUL thing.

4. You go to pick up a Hersheys candy Bar in your pantry to find it melted.

3. Your neighbor visits you and within minutes she has gathered 3 fans from 3 different neighbors, one of which is a window a/c unit. ( That also shows you what amazing neighbors we have!)

2. You set out a stick of butter to let it soften a bit before cooking and come back to find it melted on the counter.

And the #1 reason you know your A/C is NOT working. . . . . The thermometer reads 87 DEGREES in your house.

Recap of May and June

Monday, July 6, 2009

How on Earth do all of you find time to Blog so often? Kudos to you! I decided that there are so many different posts I want to do, but time just keeps slipping away from me. So Ill combine them all.
May 11Th was the day that my Father passed away 15 years ago. Kate hadn't been to the cemetery yet, so I thought it would be appropriate for her go see Grandpa. She had a blast!

We found some time to go out to Colorado to visit two of my sisters and their family.
Here is Kate and Breckyn.

Kate, Breckyn(Kelly's), and Carter(Summer's)

Kate and her Cousin Brewer

Kate was so proud of herself! She found the Twizzlers. Yum!
We went to Taylorsville Days when The Neil Diamond Impersonator was there. It was so much fun! Kate was a great sport. This was the tail end of the music before the Firework show. The second the fireworks started, Kate was OUT.
We went camping with the ward the last week in June. It was so much fun! We brought up the game Curses, and stayed up late playing it. The next morning it was all everyone could talk about. It was hilarious! We had a wonderful time. Here is Ryan out in the rain fixing our leak we had.
Kate and I just playing in the tent why Ryan was fixing the leak. This was the first time Kate had ever gone camping. It was freezing that night. Some neighbors in our ward had a leak in their tent and all of their sleeping bags and blankets were soaked. (There was 6 of them plus a baby :() We had packed extra blankets but felt they needed them far more than we did. So we just had Kate sleep with us for extra warmth!
Gollhofers and Neeleys came to visit a lot in June! We spent a lot of the days at the pool.
Over Memorial Day weekend we went up to the Homestead with the Moffitt's. The last day those that wanted to went horseback riding!
Even little Mo Mo!
Morgan was so cute with Kate. Here she is pushing Kate on the swing.
Morgan found EIGHT baby skunks living under the store. They were so cute. They kept coming out then running back under.
Baby Kate just looking cute for Church. (Thanks for the princess dress Summer!)
LaSt BuT nOt LeAsT
I had the chance to run in the Wasatch Back Relay with a lot of my cousins, sister and Uncle. We had the best time ever. It was quite the experience. If you want to check out all the pictures from the relay, you can check them out here
Here is our team at the finish line. I was fortunate enough to be the one running into the finish line. It was probably the best memory of the whole race. A wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Our team was Gary Mangum, Jen Mangum and her fiance Glen Chunat, Greg Mangum, Matt Mangum, and Mike Moffitt. (They were Van Number 1) Jaclyn, Kim Brown, Natalie Pettit, and her two friends Shawna Wilson and Kim Perkins. (We were van number 2)
We had such a great time that the very next day, we signed up to do the relay from Lake Mead to Vegas! I'm stoked. It's going to be fun. Not so fun in the heat though. But it's in October so hopefully the heat wont be as bad. We'll be the "Saints running in Sin City".