Thursday, January 24, 2008

So Ryan and I haven't posted anything else yet because we wanted to wait until we had something exciting going on in our lives, and we finally have news to tell. WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!! We are so excited and can't believe how lucky we are. I am nine weeks along. I will be ten weeks on Sunday. I will tell the story from the beginning. If I go into too much detail, I am apologizing ahead of time. We wanted to start trying after Disneyland, which was the beginning of November. We found out Lindsi and Summer were pregnant the end of November, and that's when we decided we really needed to start trying. We thought it would be SO much fun to have all the Smith chicks pregnant at the same time(except for Jaclyn of course. . . that could be bad!) In the middle of December I started to think I could be pregnant, but I was too scared to take a pregnancy test because I didn't want to be disappointed. I wanted this so bad. I finally told Ryan I was going to do a test on December 22nd. We said a little prayer, and the test came back invalid. Leave it to me to not do it right. So a couple hours later, I decided to take another test. Within a second, the pregnancy line came up before the other line even came up. It was official. I was pregnant!!! I wanted to tell everyone on Christmas. We thought that would be perfect. But we decided it would be better to wait until I was farther than five weeks, just in case of any miscarriages. I then thought it would be fun to tell the Moffitts on Morgans birthday, which was January 5th. I thought we could have her open a present that had something to do with her getting a new little cousin. Once again, we thought that was too soon. My family had made plans to go up to our cabin from January 18th-21st, and my first doctors appt was on the 21st. So we decided we would tell my family up at the cabin, then go to my appt , then tell the Moffitt's after the appt. We couldn't decide how to tell everyone, because of course I wanted to find a cute way to tell, and Ryan just wanted to say, "oh by the way, we're having a baby!" We got up to the cabin Friday night, but Jaclyn wasn't there. So we waited until Saturday night when everyone was there. A couple times on Saturday both Lindsi and Parker asked if I was pregnant, I was bad and kept saying no. Then saturday night, we were playing Pictionary, and Ryan was the last one to go. So he drew a picture of a person with a big belly, then pointed at me! Jaclyn said "Christy is pregnant?" We both said good job. They were all confused! Lindsi started screaming she was so excited, and it was kind of a blurr from there. My mom and Jaclyn took a minute before they believed us. We came home from the cabin on Monday still not sure how we were going to tell his family. We called them and they had no plans, so we said we would stop by later to say hi. I talked to Jessica, and she said her and Greg would probably go over too, so we thought that would be perfect. Everyone will be there, but not expect it at all. We went to my doctor's appointment, and it was pretty pointless. We waited an hour before we went in. They finally called my name, and I was with the doctor for about five minutes before we got interrupted and they told him he was needed in the delivery room. He had two patients in labor. So we couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat :( The nurse practioner came in and finished, but all she did was answer questions we had. So I will go to my next appt Feb 20th, and we will hear the heartbeat, and he will finish the exam! After the appt, we went to Hallmark and found the cutest picture frame we would give Ryan's mom to tell them we're pregnant. The picture frame said "Grandkisses.....Grandhugs......Grandchild" So we went to the house and called Jess a few times to make sure they were still coming over, and sadly they didn't come over. We should've made a stink about it so everyone could be there, but we didn't want to give it away. We were all sitting there, and I told Jana that we found something that seemed perfect for her, and we just had to get it for her. So she opened it, and Read the picture frame, and her eyes just got huge, and she said, "Really? Are you being serious???" I think everyone else was really confused, because they couldn't read the picture frame. They were looking at Jana, then at us, then everyone figured it out. For the first time, we weren't joking with his family about us being pregnant.(About every Sunday, Ryan jokes about us being pregnant with his family) I think they were all pretty excited to hear the news, and I'm sure Mo-mo is estatic to get a cousin.
To be honest, I haven't been feeling the greatest, but I think it could be worse. I'm not throwing up every day, but I feel crappy every day. My day usually starts out ok as long as I eat breakfast right away. Then as the day goes on, it gets worse. By the time I get home, I put on my Pajama's and head straight to the couch. Ryan has been so good to me. When he see's Im not feeling well, he'll always ask what he can get for me. He's had to be extremely patient with me because my temper is short. There were two situations where something sounded good to me, so he left to go get it, and by the time he got back, it didn't sound good anymore. First, I wanted a hamburger so bad, and Artic Circle sounded good to him, so I decided to give it a shot. When he got home with it, my hamburger was tiny, and had nothing on it. I wanted lettuce, onion, mayo, ketchup, mustard, etc., and all it was was some meat and a bun :( I tried to eat it but the bun was hard. Of course I started to cry, because I was so hungry, and all I wanted was a hamburger, and Artic circle screwed up. Was that too much to ask for? The second situation was pizza sounded so good, so he left right away to go get it, and some breadsticks. When he came back, and I tried eating a piece, but I discovered that I don't like cheese so much while Im pregnant. I'm pretty sad about that because I LOVE cheese. Oh well. I haven't had any cravings, I just know what doesn't sound good, which is just about everything. Hopefully soon my appetite will come back. Well, now that I've written a novel, Im going to go take a break! Ill try to write sooner next time!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hello everyone! Ryan and I (and Jessica!) have been wanting to start a blog for a while now, and we're finally getting to it. So the purpose of a blog is to carve out your own little corner of the internet so that friends and family can keep up with your lives and your adventures... So hopefully that is exactly what we are doing.