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Monday, August 31, 2009

In July we took our annual trip up to Jackson Hole Wyoming. It was Kates first year. She did SO good until it came to sleeping at night. It was pretty cold at night, so she ended up sleeping with us most nights to stay warm.
Here is Kate ready to leave! She is so excited.

Kate and Breckyn had the same pajama's. They had so much fun together. It was fun for us to see Breckyn so much this trip. She has grown so fast, and we're seeing so much of her personality now.

We had some interesting games we played this year. This one was one of my favorites. It's called "ZOOM . . . BONG!" It was hilarious. I'd have to say my favorite person to watch during this game was Bryce.

We did a LOT this trip. The first day we attempted to go to the pool at the lodge, but it was closed for the day. So we ended up going to the lake and played. I think we lasted about five minutes before it rained on us! We had fun though while it lasted. Some of the kids were brave and got in the FREEZING cold water.

One day we had quite the eventful day. We went river rafting AND horseback riding! It was an absolute blast. We had two boats. Boat #1 consisted of Bryce(who led us through the rapids), Ginni, Kim, Jenny, Kevin, Paul, Jordan, Amanda, Jason, Taylor, and I. I would have to say the craziest part of the whole experience was when we were going over Big Kahuna and Lunch Counter. We knew we were doomed because our boat was low on air, so right when we got up to the first rapid we stopped paddling and all leaned into the boat as much as we could. Our boat totally TACOED. We lost Kim, Ginni, Jason, and Amanda. Everyone of course was fine, but poor Taylor. It was her first time river rafting, and it terrified her to see her daddy fall in. We were able to calm her down though. We told her how much cooler we were because we now have a story to tell! Where the other boat didn't. :)

Boat #2 consisted of Jesse, Steph, Jen, Glen, Matt, Greg, Lauren, Anika, Cailyn, Kay, and Gary(who was the leader of that group).

Before river rafting, we went horseback riding. This is where we stopped at the top to let the horses rest.

Here is the whole clan that went. It was everyone that went river rafting minus Jason, Cailyn, Anika, and Taylor. This was another adventure! When you get this many horses together, things can go wrong. I won't go into detail about everything. Some horses didn't like eachother, and kicked eachother to show that they didn't like eachother. Kim got kicked in the arm and Steph got bucked off the horse :( They are both fine though. There were a group of us who wanted our horses to RUN, so we would stay back about five or ten minutes to let the others get a head start, then we would run to catch up. It was SO SO much fun. We did that a couple times. We had the horses for 4 hours so by the end, we were ready to be done. Some ran ahead. Lauren was in that group. I guess as they were running back, Lauren's horse decided he was too good for the marked path, so he decided to run onto the highway! Lauren couldn't gain control of the horse, so she just ran and enjoyed it! There was a huge semi that was coming at her, that had to swerve out of the way since the horse wouldn't move. Since we were right at the end, the workers could see Lauren and her horse, so they came and rescued her. All in all I think everyone had a good time.

Another day we went into Yellowstone. We saw old Faithful go off. We also walked around and saw all the other geysers. There are a few that go off between every 5 hours and 10 days, and one of them went off while we were there. Unfortunately I missed it. I was running with Kate trying to get there in time, but I was too slow :( I heard it was way cool though. It was the 10th day, so the workers knew it was going to go off. Apparently it was bigger and better than Old Faithful.

One day we hiked Hidden Falls. Ryan, Kate, Jaclyn, and I walked around and met the others that took the ferry over. It's a fun little hike that kids usually enjoy too.

Here's the girls! Jaclyn, Kelly, Summer, Mom, and I.

Ryan, Kate, and I hiking back while the others took the ferry. It was so pretty!

We went boating 2 of the days. Here's our little family.

Carter and Kate took a nap together in the cuddy! Cute cousins.

I actually got up skiing! I was so proud of myself. The funny thing is, when I was behind the boat every time I said "hit it", I didn't get up. Every time Paul just went without me telling him to, I got up! I'm definately no pro, but it was fun.

Ryan really enjoyed surfing behind the Mangum's boat.

Ryan and I are enjoying the beautfil "TEETS".

This was our last day at camp.

What a fun and eventful trip. See you next year Colter Bay!

Kate sure is growing up

Christy I'm sure will be doing some elaborate post about Kate turning 1, but I thought I'd quickly send a picture of my big girl sitting in her chair pretending to read.
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