Baby-thon 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

As many of you know within about a month of when Kate was born she had two cousins born as well... It was a very very busy month for our family. On September 7th cousin Brewer was blessed and Kate of course attended to show her support. Those two girls are going to be such heart breakers when they get older.

Kate with her Mommy, Cousin Brewer, and Aunt Lindsi

Kate and Brewer dressed up in their Sunday best at Brewer's blessing.

The very next week (September 14th) Kate's cousin Carter was blessed out in Colorado. She talked Mom and Dad into driving her 8 hours so she could attend her handsome cousins blessing. She's such a socialite and wouldn't miss a good party for the world.

Kate and her Cousin Carter holding hands... They were fast friends.

Cousins Hanging out again. Carter is already dreaming of being the starting Quarterback for the Broncos, he's so macho.

We have decided to veto headbands when riding in the car seat as witnessed in the following two photos.

Kate is really starting to develop a cute little personality and unfortunately she almost always gets her way. We are really working on getting her on a good schedule but at times she doesn't feel like cooperating. Those nights we are usually up until around 1:30 or 2:00, but we still have a good time with her.

Christy thinks we need a bigger bed and after looking at this picture I think Kate agrees... Where does Daddy sleep?

Kate is so scandalized by her Daddy.

Dad is quickly learning to Multi-task

Our little family all dressed up for Church

After Carter's blessing in Colorado.

We are happy to be home again after so much time out partying but we are still looking forward to Kate's blessing on October 12th (unless things change). If you want to attend we'd love to see you, feel free to call us and we'll give you all the details.

The first two weeks

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So Kate is actually three weeks old, I finished this post last week and for some silly reason didn't post it. When I have more time I will do another post, but enjoy!

Well today is Kate's two week birthday in exactly 37 minutes. I can't believe its already been two weeks to be honest. Time just flies by when your having fun! Not much is new. We came home from the hospital Thursday August 21st. She had her one week appointment on Monday August 25th and she weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces. I'm sure she weighs a ton more now, she's getting a little chubby but it's oh so cute! I have been having a hard time just staying at home so on Thursday we went over to Moffitt's and just hung out. We used the stroller for the first time and went for a little walk. I was in heaven! It was so nice to get out. Then Friday we went to my Mom's house and hung out with her and went for another walk. Sunday we went over to Moffitt's house for a BBQ because Aunt Gayle was in town. Our cousin Melissa had her baby in August too so we had fun taking pictures of the two babies.

For Labor Day we went to Moffitt's in the morning for breakfast and then to my family cabin for a bbq. While at the Moffitts our adorable innocent child decided that she had to poo while Aunt Jess was changing her diaper. It was honestly the funniest thing we had all seen. I can't belive our little girl can shoot that far. No girl should be able to have an aim like that! Rather than helping Jess out, we all ran for the cameras.

Kate is such a good baby. She hardly cries, but when she does, boy does she know how to use those lungs. She's good at night. She only wakes up now when she needs to eat. She'll wake up usually every three to five hours. I am absolutely loving being at home with her. It will be so hard when I go back to work and have to leave her behind. I'm supposed to go back to the salon on Fridays, but I don't know if that will really happen now that she's here. I might just work from home and choose my own hours. We'll see when the time gets closer. Well, here are some more pictures of little Kate.

Kate enjoying her swing

Kate and Elliette

Good aim, eh?

Jess and the poo

Kate making a silly face up at the cabin