Cassia's baby blessing

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Front row: Kate(in the belly), Dani, Cassia(pronounced cash-a), and Addy.
Middle row: Me, Cherie, Lindsey, and Angie.
Back row: Ryan, Adam, Shaun, and Matt.

Shaun and Lindsey came into town to bless their baby. It was so nice to have to gang together again. They are currently living in Portland Oregon while Shaun goes to school. He will be graduating in December. We can't wait for them to move back home.

Last night we got together with everyone and hung out at the Dugdales. It was so fun having all these babies around. After being with all the babies, Ryan and I are even more ready for the baby to come. She is going to have so many friends to play with.

Baby Kate at six months

These are some of my favorite pictures of the baby, but since they weren't on a disk, I took pictures of the pictures I got. So they aren't the best, but you can still see her!

It's amazing how you can see everything. She is folded in half so that's her knee next to her nose.

My favorite picture by far. At the very end of the ultrasound she decided to smile for us! She is such a happy baby.

This picture was actually when i was 12 weeks along. Her cute little arm and hand. I think she was maybe going for her thumb.

This picture is crazy. You can see her face, rib cage, and once again she is curled up so thats her leg right next to her face and chest.

Quick Update

Saturday, June 21, 2008

So there are a few things that are exciting and I want to share. . .

1. Kelly is pregnant!!!!!! Yeah. We are so happy for her. So that makes 4 of us in the fam. Summer- Due end of July (the 26th?) Lindsi- Due end of July also. I think the 22nd, same as Colter's birthday. Me- Due August 24th (That one I better know) and Kelly- Due February 17th. What a great day! (Thats when Ryan and I met on the love cruise in Jamaica)

2. My good friend Ashley Dale is getting married. She was dating someone for about 8 years, and he just didn't treat her like she deserved to be treated. . . Then low and behold Prince charming came along, Jake, and swept her off her feet! He seems like an amazing guy for Ashley, and treats her like all girls deserve to be treated. They will be married Januray 3rd. We can not wait.

3. Our basement is getting finished right as we speak. Devin who is finishing the basement is working fast. He's been here two and a half days and all the frame work is done, a door ripped down, and some of the plumbing is done. It should be done by July 21st, but the rate he is going, it could be done sooner. We will post pictures later.

4. We are having a baby! Oh wait, you guys already know that.

5. Baby Kate has the hiccups. She's only gotten them a couple times. It's cute when she gets them.

6. My Mom's house is almost ready to be put up for sale. We are waiting on someone to put in new cabinet fronts throughout the house then Parker can put the house up for sale! The house looks so good. If we didn't just buy ours, I would be tempted to buy it. So if anyone is looking to buy, go check it out! It's in a great location.

7. I get to go pull some weeds now! Our backyard needs some serious help. To be honest, I think the weeds are taking up 80% of the backyard, so we got our work cut out for us.

Oh, by the way, for those of you who don't know me well enough, #7 is SO NOT exciting news.

My prego belly

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sorry for showin some belly. . . this is when I was 3 months along.
Here is my belly towards the end of March. I was about 4 months along.
Here baby Kate is 41/2 months old. (in the belly of course!)
She is just getting so big! I am 6 months along here.
I am almost seven months pregnant now. Come June 24th I will have exactly two more months to go. We are so excited for her to join our little family and wish it would come sooner, however it will be a good thing to have two months to get ready for her because there is still SO MUCH for us to do.

Remember When. . .

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ryan ate a Salad?Toby went for a swim?
Jon flew in from his mission to attend our wedding?
Bryce got confused and kissed Jason?
Mom made aprons for all the girls on Mother's Day?
Jaclyn forgot to take her medications?
We took a family picture just to remember the plumbers crack?
The girls got a part time job?
Jaclyn ate poop?
Sleeping Beauty was waiting for her prince?
Ryan was in Spaceballs?
Kingston didn't eat wedding rings?
You didn't need a Home Equity Loan to pay for gas?
Bryce and Parker went on a naked ride on New Years?
Christy didn't go to her Husbands graduation from the UofU?
Ryan had to shave because the Utes lost? So Mad.
Jon told us a Joke about Christopher Reeves?
Jon and Scott wished we had paid for a bigger rental car?
Jon ruined our picture with his nipple shot?
The boys borrowed Christmas sweaters from Mom?
Summer wet her pants? Not really though.
Taylor thought she was Randy Jackson?
Jesse and Ryan both had a great hair day?
Morgan decided we should name our baby Boston?
A bird pooped on Scott?

Ryan and Christy got Married this day 3 years ago?

Happy Anniversary!