Taggart Beck

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My adorable nephew was born June 30, 2010. There is actually a funny story behind this! About 7 pm I got a phone call from my brother asking me if I would come to the house for an hour or two so they could go to the hospital to get Lindsi checked. (Her due date wasn't until July 20th?) Once they got there, she was dilated far enough so they kept her! Her doctor (the best doctor out there :)) came in at about 11:50pm and asked Parker and Lindsi if they wanted a June or July baby. They said July. So they were just hanging out waiting for the 10 minutes to pass. Dr. Smith asked what time it was, and it was 11:58. Only 2 more minutes. . . One minute later, Dr. Smith looked down, and little Tagg's head was popping out. Apparently he didn't want a July Birthday!

Mr. Tagg at the hospital
Tagg showing off his gorgeous eyes down at Yuba lake.
Tagg's birth announcement.
I feel so honored to have 13 nieces and nephews!
Tagg is such a wonderful addition to this family!
I love you Tagg!
p.s. Lindsi, I stole these cute pictures from your blog.
Hope you don't mind. Your pictures are so much better than the ones I have.

Craig Edwin

This year my Dad's birthday fell on Father's day. It's always bitter sweet when that happens. I'm trying really hard to be better about not having big days (like his birthday, Father's Day, or the day he passed away) be a sad day. My sister is a great example to me, and on days like that, she makes it a big celebration about remembering his life, and all the good things he did while he was here, and remembering all the good memories we have of him. I'm trying to follow her example!

Ryan, Kate, and I went to visit Dad on his birthday and Father's Day.

Kate's first visit to Grandpa's grave.
She was so happy to be there!
I remember this day like it was yesterday! I felt so LUCKY to have my Dad baptize me. He had been really sick, and didn't know if he would be able to do it. He had lost his voice completely. I knew he wanted to be the one to baptize me, and he did everything in his power to make that happen! Since his voice was gone, my wonderful Grandpa confirmed me. I feel honored to have the 2 most important men in my life at the time perform those ordinances for me.

I don't remember what the occasion was, but my brother copied this picture,
framed it, and gave to all his sisters. It's such a classy picture! Thanks Parker!

Dad with all of his brothers. From Left to right:
Barry, Kent, Lane, Nyle, Dad.
My Dad getting into Uncle Barry's plane.
Dad, I know your soarin' high looking over all of us. I know you want nothing but the best for us. I'm trying hard to make you proud!
Happy late Birthday Dad!
I love you more than words can say.

Lindsi Ann

Now that it's taken me 4, almost 5 months to get back on here. . . I thought I would finally post some pictures of my wonderful sister in law. I had a lot of fun going back 5 years and looking at all my pictures. Lindsi, there are so many pictures of us that has brought back wonderful memories! Here are just a few. (I probably should have done more recent ones, but oh well!)

Right before I quit Jet Blue, we went on a sister's trip to New York,
and had the time of our life! In this picture we had just gotten done seeing Wicked.
I couldn't resist adding this picture! One year in Jackson, we got the Old
Fashion pictures taken, and I think we had too much fun messing around.
Lindsi and I right after we had Brewer and Kate.
The beautiful Smith family.
(Minus their newest addition, Tagg.)
I'm sorry its taken so long adding the pictures, but it's better late than never, Right?
I hope you had a great birthday!

Lindsi Ann

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Happy birthday Lindsi! I hope you had a fabulous day, as you deserve it. Thanks for being such a wonderful sister. You have taught me so much! I love how crafty you are. Every time we get together you have something new to teach me. And just when I start to figure out that project, you already have something new to show me. Thank you for sharing your creativeness and talents with me! You are a wonderful mother, have the best kids, and a husband who would do anything for you. My computer is currently not working, so I don't have access to all my wonderful photo's. . . Sorry Linds! As soon as our computer starts working, Ill post some.

I love you, and Happy Birthday!

Random Fun Pictures

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kate and Brewer had so much fun together up at East Canyon.
All the girls got along so well.
I got to go see Laurel and David Warr perform in
Fiddler on the Roof. They were amazing!
Kate and Morgan enjoying their Easter baskets.
Kate and Morgan LOVED playing outside at
Aunt Jess & Uncle Greg's cabin.
Kate having a fabulous hair day.
Kate deciding she needs to lay down and take a nap.
Running around naked sure wears her out!
We were oh so lucky to have Morgan for a weekend, and we went to the Aquarium.
(Morgan wanted their bows to match :))
That same weekend they made cookies together.
Morgan did a great job decorating the cookies!

Lauren Ashley

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunday was cute Lauren's birthday. I can't believe she is 18 now.
It's crazy to think that she is now graduating from High School,
and off to College.I swear it was just yesterday we were
welcoming her into our family!
Lauren is the best big sister anyone could ask for.
She is so great with her younger siblings,
and a wonderful example to them. One of the many things I love about Lauren is that she isn't
the typical teenager where it's all about her friends.
Whenever Ryan and I go out to Colorado, Lauren always chooses
to come hang out with the fam instead of her friends.
She realizes how important her family is!

Happy Birthday Lauren!

We hope your 18th Birthday fulfilled your expectations,

and then some!

We love you so much!

Jaclyn K

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy happy birthday dearest sister. I can't believe you are 20. To be honest i feel like you are older than that. You've had to grow up at an early age. I want to let you know that you are such a great example to me. You've had your fair share of trials in life, and yet you are the strongest, most independent, (and stubborn!) person I know. I am so grateful to have you as my lil sis. I know growing up we were not the greatest sister's to each other, but I feel like since we have gone through all that, it has brought us closer together.

It was fun going on this hike together in Jackson.
You are so good to Kate, even though she does things to make you dry heave :).
You still love her just as much. (You have to admit, that was pretty funny!)
I cannot wait for you and Jon to get married. He is so lucky to have you.
You two are a wonderful couple. It will be an amazing adventure for
you to create memories together as husband and wife.
I enjoyed spending so much time with you doing the
Wasatch Back and Del Sol Relay.
You are so fun to be around, and know how to keep the party going!
Happy Birthday Lil Sis.
I love you so very much!

Jessica Lee

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It was Jessica Moffitt Olsen's birthday today! There are so many great things I could say about her. She is such a fun person to be around. She has a unique and quirky sense of humor that we absolutely adore. It's almost impossible to be around her and not have a fun time. She teaches me that I need to remember not to take life so seriously. But on that same note, she is a very responsible person! She has great balance in her life, and I admire that about her, and wish I could be more like that.

Jessica is a wonderful aunt. Morgan and Kate are SO LUCKY to have
her in their life. (Along with her other nieces on the Olsen side!)
Here we are carving pumpkins.
Jess singin her heart out in Cali!
She really knows how to have a good time.
Jess has THE magic touch with Kate. I swear she is the only person who hasn't had any problems with Kate while watching her. I think the longest Kate has ever cried with Jess is 2 minutes. Plus, there were only a select few people Kate would fall asleep on while they were getting their hair done, and Jess was definitely one of them.
Kate and Aunt Jess.

Jess, we hope you had a fabulous Birthday,

and we are lucky to have you as our Sister.

We love you very much!

Scott Richard

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"The Teen" is no longer a "Teen". I'm sure we all shed a collective tear knowing that Scott is 20 years old. We have so many great memories, and we thought we would share just a few.

It's a family tradition to go to Newport Beach once a year for a week. It is probably Scott's favorite place on Earth. Here is Scott relaxing on the beach with a monocle. Does he look British?!
Another time in California. We had tons of time to kill at the airport,
and I thought it would be fun to put a flower in his hair.
Scott's such a good sport! But in all honesty I don't think pink is his color.Here we are the day Scott left to go to the MTC. Doesn't he look all grown up?!
I think it's awesome that he went to Long Beach California on his mission.
Let's just hope he doesn't fall in love with the California weather, and never comes back.
Scott is such an amazing person! He really is everyones best friend. He can get along with anyone and I'm sure he is doing wonderful things in California.

Happy Birthday Scott! We love you, and are looking forward to making lots of memories with you in the future!

Cailyn Savannah

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today is our lovely niece's birthday. She turned 14. She is such a joy to be around. Cailyn is a great help. She is always helping out with her siblings. She is so adventurous. She isn't afraid to try anything. If someone dares her to do something, chances are she'll do it!

We were up in Jackson for this picture. It was windy, and the clouds we rolling in. Cailyn and Anika were the only braves ones to enter the FREEZING cold water. But she had a blast!

One year when they came out for Christmas, we had a sleepover, and here is
Cailyn being silly (With her 2 partner's in crime).
Cailyn river rafting with everyone. I tell ya, this woman isn't afraid of anything!
Happy Birthday Cailyn!
We love you so very much and are proud to call you our niece!

The Masonic Lodge

Monday, February 15, 2010

Friday night my brother, Parker, and his friend Kevin Anderson, put together a benefit Concert where all the money they raised were going to help the people in Haiti. They got TONS of people to help make this happen. Lots of people offered to give away gifts that were raffled off throughout the night. There were family, friends, and friends of the bands here, and more! I was so happy to see how many people came to support this, but on that same note, you can never have too many people there :)

Before the concert even started, Kevin and Parker hit it off by raffling off some items. Ryan was the very first person to win something! He won a 10 Day pass to Momentum. He is so ecstatic about this. He can't wait to start climbing again.

What was so nice about where they held this concert was that it was kid friendly! They had a huge open area where all the kids came together and played and danced the night away.
Here are Lindsi and Justin working hard! They had to manage the raffle tickets,
hand out the prizes, and dealt with the silent auction.
All the prizes that need to be given away. There were over 60! I was so impressed with everyone who came together, and offered items to give away. There was a couple $20 gift cards to Fat Cats and Chuck-a-Rama. There was 2 different FIVE HOUR packages to get massages, a couple $40 gift cards to another restaurant(I can't remember the name). A day pass for 2 people to get into Momentum. Quite a few bead watches, the latest fashion! (Thanks to Kelly who donated those.) Two different packages of Lia Sophia jewelry that a friend of mine donated. ($200 worth!). 2 different karate lesson packages. There were many more items! The last item they gave away was a rafting trip down in Moab. The guy that won that is pretty lucky!
Mom, Kate and I.
The second group claiming their prizes.
The Brian Bingham Band was the first to start. They were amazing!
This was Ryan's favorite group. The first 2 prizes we won! Let me correct myself, Ryan won them. With all the raffle tickets we bought, Ryan's tickets won ALL the prizes. In one hand was his Momentum pass, in the other was a gift basket filled with Katelyn and Co. bows, headbands, and leggings.
Lori and Nathan won a TON of prizes! This was just the beginning for them. They won some headphones, a purse, one gift certificate to Snowbird for 2 ski passes, another gift certificate to Snowbird to spend the night at their hotel, and ANOTHER gift certificate to Snowbird to spend a day in the summer with different activities.
Here is Parker telling everyone about "Healing Hands for Haiti" and "Les Enfants De Sion" and what great organizations they are.
Another band that played. The main guy was Jeremy Tyler. He was awesome! I think my favorite. (Then again, all of them were probably my favorite!)
The other band to play was the Desert Noises. But this also gives you
an idea of how the auditorium was layed out.
The last band for the night. Carlos Cornia. He sang Reggae.
He was the one to get everyone on their feet dancing.
To give you an idea of how many people showed up.
All night Kate kept trying to climb up on stage. With the last group, she just
walked to the front and started dancing in front of the crowd.
Lori and Nathan at the end with the rest of their prizes! More Headphones, an Ipod, a basket full of product, 2 more purses, and I can't remember what else. They deserve all these prizes with all the money they donated!
Some other gifts we (Ryan) won was some Lia Sophia jewelry and a $20
gift card to Chuck-A-Rama.
Thanks so much Parker and Kevin for putting together such a great concert. I know we had so much fun, and we are so glad we can help out the people in Haiti.
You guys should do another concert! I know we will be there in a heart beat if you do.