Our third visit to the doctor

Thursday, April 10, 2008

So most of you have probably already heard me tell this story, but I thought I would share it with the rest of you. Our third visit to the doctor was on March 26th. It was the day to find out if the colors are pink or blue! We were so nervous. We go to the appt, and we were the doctors last patient, which I don't know if it really affected anything. The baby wasn't budging. The doctor did all the measurements to make sure the baby was ok, and after ten minutes or so he tried poking my belly a few times to try to move the baby so we could find out. (With the baby being so stubborn, that should have been our first clue it was a girl.) But there was no luck with the doctor :( I know he tried a couple of minutes poking my belly, but I also think that since we were his last patient, he was ready to clean up and go home. He said we would schedule me 4 weeks out to do another ultrasound. We then went to my doctor to do the check up. (My doctor doesn't do the ultrasounds in the office, another doctor does). After we made the appt's for 4 weeks out, I asked the receptionist if we could bump up the ultrasound appt since there is no need to wait 4 weeks. Unfortunately she couldn't. I left the hospital pretty upset. I was 18 1/2 weeks along, and fully expected to find out that day what we were having.

That's when we decided that I couldn't wait 4 weeks, so we called Fetal Foto. We were a little nervous that the baby wouldn't cooperate. I asked the lady what I could do in the morning to help the baby be active. She said to drink lots of orange juice, and eat a full meal. I did just that. She also said that they try for a half hour, and if we still don't know what we're having, they reschedule us for free. I thought it was worth a shot. Once the lady started the ultrasound, the baby wouldn't hold still!!! It was so cool. After two minutes or so of showing us the baby's face, she said she was going for the bottom. She knew right away, but wanted to get a more clear shot so she wouldn't have to convince us. I saw the umbilical cord, and shouted out "IS IT A BOY???" Her response was "Not yet". Once we realized it was a girl, of course I was a baby and cried. I was so happy! Granted I really would've been happy if it was a boy, but something happened a few weeks earlier that made me know we were having a girl, so I really would've been shocked if it were a boy. Ryan won't fully admit it, but I know he was rooting for a girl. We have three nieces that are 3 right now, and he just adores all of them, and wants a little princess of his own. The rest of the ultrasound was a blur to me. I just wanted to leave and go tell the world that we are having a baby girl!
The crazy thing is, ever since that Saturday(March 29th), the baby won't stop moving. The next day she was moving so much that I felt car sick and got a really bad headache. Then Monday night both Ryan and I felt her from the outside. Every night before we go to bed we just lay there and feel her move around and kick. Ryan is so funny! He'll talk to her before we go to bed, and tell her that she has to be good throughout the night so mommy can sleep. He is going to be such an amazing father. I can't wait until she is here.
I hit my 20 week mark on Sunday. It's gone by so fast. I'm already half way done! Now I just hope that the summer isn't too bad, and I can live through it!

Here are some pictures of the ultrasound!