Moving Sale

Saturday, November 21, 2009

So my Mom is moving, and has a few items she's decided to sell. I put them up on KSL but figured I would post them here in case any of you are interested!
Great fridge for your garage
Sony Big Screen
Solid Wood Coffee Table
Solid Oak Dining Table with 2 Leafs and 8 chairs.

Light Green Chair
Greenish\Grey fabric. Has 7 large pillows and 2 small ones.
If your interested in any let me know! Or if you want more details on any of them go to KSL.

So Domestic!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ever since I've had Kate, I've gone through different phases of things I've wanted to accomplish. It started with making more meals for Ryan and I. Then it moved on to making Bows for Kate, so I wouldn't have to spend a fortune on them. Then I started taking the wood shop classes. Then it turned into making my own Thank You and Happy Birthday cards. Believe it or not, I've tried attempting to sew a quilt. (That project Ill probably be working on for years!) Well, I'm here to tell you my friends, the latest phase I'm going through is canning. Growing up we never did such a thing. When I moved into this ward, EVERYONE and their neighbor was talking about how much they can, and how easy it is. I didn't believe them, and just ignored them for about 2 years. Finally last Tuesday I talked myself into going to a little class Enrichment put together. They had 4 different ladies teach us recipes we can do with apples. One was Apple pie filling, one was applesauce, and the last two were different ways to make apple butter. A few of us younger girls felt really ambitious, and decided we would get together and have one person teach us how to do it. Shortly after we met at our dear friend, Liz's house. Before hand, we were able to go to another lady's house in our ward, and pick a BUNCH of apples from her beautiful Apple Tree.

This box here was full to the brim. We used SO many ApPlEs!

We all took turns doing the different steps. This was only the beginning of the big fat mess we made.
The apples are boiling. We're a step closer!
We all had to bring our babies with us. Here is Brie with her little girl, Claire.
Here is Kate playing with her friend, Ally. The girls did SO good. We were there for about 4 hours, so it was a good thing the kids had each other.
Checking the apples!
Once the apples were soft, we put them in this AMAZING strainer that separated the core, seeds, and skin from the good stuff. Boy, was this an arm workout! This is our friend Emily.
Now it's time to can! We're getting the air bubbles out.
And the finished result! I am so proud of myself for attempting this. If you would've asked me a year ago if I would do such a thing, I would've said . . . In your Dreams. . .
I'm beginning to realize that if you put your mind to something, anything is possible! Thank you everyone for being such an inspiration to me. Because of you, and the things I've seen you accomplish, it's motivated me to be a better person, and more outgoing.
Thank you Liz for lending us your house and knowledge. Thank you Louise for letting us pick from your Apple Tree. Thank you Rochelle and Vicki for letting us use your nifty strainer's to make life easier for us. I really really appreciate it!

Taylor Mckenzie

One of our wonderful nieces got baptized this weekend, and we were fortunate enough to travel to Colorado and be there to support her. Taylor, we are so very proud of you, and this decision you have made to be baptized.

Here is Taylor in front of the Denver Temple. So beautiful!

Here is some of the Clan.

Kate, me, and Taylor! She looked SO beautiful in her new church dress.
We love you so much, and thank you for letting us share this wonderful experience with you.

Halloween Extravaganza

Monday, November 2, 2009

We had quite the week last week celebrating Halloween. It started with FHE Monday night. We got together with the Moffitt's and carved our pumpkins. We had a great time. It was a little different this year because we were missing Scott, Jon, and Morgan. But we made the best of the situation! Doesn't Mark look like he's going to seriously do some damage to that pumpkin?! (If you can't tell, that's one LARGE knife he's holding.)

Thursday Kate and I went to Colter's Halloween parade. There were some awesome costumes. Colter's was by far the best in his school! Next in line would have to be Napoleon Dynamite. He was the funniest kid! He stopped in front of us and didn't crack a smile the whole time. Just stared at us the way Napoleon would! Then at the very end he busted out the moon walk. Boston and Brewer looked so cute too! Brewer kept wanting to walk in the parade with everyone!
Friday night Ryan and I participated in a Halloween 5k. Before we started running, we thought we were absolutely crazy! It was FREEZING outside, and Ryan had only ran once since the Vegas relay, and I hadn't ran at all. About a half hour before we left we decided we would show some spirit and dress up. We had very little to work with! Ryan was a beach bum, and I was a baby. (Surprise, surprise! That's really the only thing i dressed up as in elementary school.) It was actually pretty embarrassing. I'm sure no one took me seriously. It was probably entertaining for the people running behind me. I can only imagine running behind a huge pink blob with her hair bouncing all over the place. But we had a lot of fun! My prize for running was a box of girl scout cookies. Ryan's prize was a metal. He took second place in his age division! I took 4th in my age division. It was amazing because the last 1/4 mile, you turned a corner out of a neighborhood, and you got this spectacular view of the Oquirrh Mountain temple. I tried taking a picture afterward, but it didn't turn out very well. It was a fun 5k though. We will probably do it again.
For Halloween Kate was a pumpkin. Isn't she the cutest pumpkin you've ever seen? She hated the stem part of her costume, so we had to leave it off.
We went to Grandma Smith's first and hung out with the Smith kids for a bit. Afterwards we went to Nana and Papa's house and did a little trick - or - treating with cousin Morgan. Kate had so much fun! Surprisingly, I think her favorite part was walking everywhere by herself, not the candy.
After visiting the family, we came home and attempted to pass out candy. Sadly enough, we only had 4 different groups of kids come to our home. Oh well! More candy for us.

We hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!