SuRpRiSe! (not)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On Spetember 24th Ryan turned a big 3-0! I know that this is a big deal so I thought I would throw him a surprise birthday partay. I was so excited to do this because Ryan hates surprises, and I thought it would be so fun for him to be surprised. I thought that the only way to keep it a surprise was to let everyone know via phone. I text everyone, and called everyone that doesn't text. I would then erase all the texts so there was no proof. Well unfortunately I was too slow at erasing some texts. One Sunday morning I received a text while getting ready for church. Ryan was curious to see who was texting me, so he opened my phone and saw who it was from, then it made him even more curious what she had to say to me, so he opened it and all it said was "I'm sorry, Ryan and I can't make it". So that made Ryan even MORE curious, and he went to my sent texts and found the one I sent to everyone about the surprise party.
My bad! It was still so much fun though! Luckily he didn't tell me he knew about it until we pulled into the house. I thought I was doing so good, I even had him reading me an email from his phone when we pulled into the neighborhood so he wouldn't see any of the cars.
I feel like we had a great turnout! Lots of friends and family came to celebrate. We ate food, hung out, roasted marsh mellows, and had fun!
I'm sad though that I didn't get my camera out til the very end, so I wasn't able to capture ALL the fun that was happening.

Kate, me, birthday boy, Greg, Jess, Megan, and Jon
Cute Morgan, Andy, and birthday boy
(and Jess!)
Lori, Tyson, Gavin, Christian, Ashlee, Carter, Ryan, me, Kate, Taryn, Ryan, and Everett
The ladies!
Thank you EVERYONE! I couldn't have done this party without all your help and support.
Happy Birthday Ryan!
I love you.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The past few months I've been attending a paint workshop class. I feel like I have been able to make some pretty cute things. I'm sad to say that the girls in charge of this class are going to stop doing them. They are doing a boutique tomorrow, Sept 24th. Here are the things I've been able to do. They have tons more that will be at the Boutique.

I love this home because the "o" switches out.
Here are some of the other o's for the Home

I'm going to go to the boutique tomorrow for a little bit. Let me know if your interesting in going and I'll give you the details!
P.S. Summer and Kelly, whatever they don't sell tomorrow, they are going to Denver for a week. (They rented a kiosk or something.) Ill get the info for you if your interested in going to check it out!

This is the Birthday that never ends!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now that Kate is 13 months, I figured it's about time I share her birthday experience with everyone. We were in Newport with the Moffitt family over her birthday. She shares the same birthday with her Uncle Andy, and since he was able to get into Disneyland for free we figured we would tag along with them. So Kate spent most of the day at the Happiest Place on Earth! We had so much fun. She was happy the entire time we were there! We had to laugh because the first time she acted up was when we exited the park. She freaked out and had a tantrum! She realized that she was leaving her favorite place, DiSnEyLaNd!

When we got back from Disneyland, Kate was ready for bed due to not having a nap all day. We decided that we would just have to do her birthday cake the next day. Well, while we were singing happy birthday to Andy, we woke Kate up. So I figured that since she was awake, and we were eating cake anyway, we should just let her eat her birthday cake with us. That was quite the experience! We sang happy birthday to her, and said that we need to do it softly so we don't upset her. I won't mention any names, but someone decided half way through to sing really really loud! Kate got so sad, and started balling. It was actually pretty funny and entertaining, as you can see in these photo's! We were able to calm her down for a little bit.

She cried some more when she realized everyone was watching her. She usually loves attention, but this night it was the last thing she wanted! We decided to move onto her birthday presents. I'm not sure what set her off, but she started to cry AGAIN! We didn't even get through one present when we decided it was BeD tImE.
The next day was attempt number two! She did great with the presents. I believe with the cake I gave her 3 chances before I gave up. She liked to play with it, but didn't care to eat it. I totally thought she would dig right in. She's always been quite the eater.

When we got home from Newport, I wanted to throw Kate a birthday party for those who weren't with us on her birthday. I thought for sure that she would dig into this cake. We sang happy birthday to her softly, and she almost cried, but we made it through with no tears. She was silly with her cake. She kept leaning forward and trying to bite into it. Afterward, she had a blast opening her presents! She got her very own car! She got her first dolly, glow worm, $20 bill, $5 bill, and penny(Thanks Colter for her penny :))! Along with some adorable clothes.
Thank you everyone for all that you have done for Kate.
We love you so so so so much.

Moffitt PARTAY

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

As some of you know, we do an annual trip with the Moffitt's. The last 4 years it's been to Newport California. Ryan and I couldn't go last year do to me being prego with Kate, so we were extra excited to attend this year with a new addition.
Here is Kate getting ready for the big trip. She got her beach toys and a hat from Nanna and Papa.
Kate and I went on a mini bike ride.
This is my new favorite restaurant in Newport, Blue Beet. You can see the guy in the background playing his guitar. He was amazing.
Kate was usually naughty in restaurants, so we would take turns walking around with her until the food came. This restaurant had three floors. Here's Kate and I browsing the 2nd floor.
Aunt Jess took some great pictures of Kate at the beach. (To view them all you can click here.)
This was my favorite one. She's just hanging out watching the boogie boarder.
Morgan and I were trying to make a sand castle, but I'm no good at that so Andy came and showed us how it's done! Everyone else came and helped.
Our little fam playing in the water. Kate absolutely LOVED it. We would bring her back to the sand, and she would crawl right back out into the ocean. She couldn't get enough of it.
Scotty, Ry, Mo, and Kate playin in the sand.
Nanna was so good to play with Kate.
One of her favorite things to do was come sit in these chairs then clap for herself because she was so proud!
Scott, Jon, Kate, and Megan.
Kate's first birthday was while we were in Newport and this is just a glimpse of it. I'll do another post dedicated to her BIG day.
One day we went to SOAK CITY. At the end of the day, the boys dared the girls to do something. . . . Here we are waiting. . .
Here are the boys waiting . . .
Wait for it . . . Wait for it . . .

And this is what they dared us to do!!! It was actually pretty fun. We had a good time.
Another day we went on a real bike ride with the fam to THE WEDGE. Kate had her moments. The first five minutes she was in heaven. Then she acted up. She was super tired. Ryan and I had to stop and calm her down. It took about a half hour before we were able to get back on the bikes. She eventually fell asleep!
Here's the whole fam at The Wedge. Kate was still sleeping, hence the bike in the family shot!
Unfortunately, the trip had to come to an end. Ryan and I drove to try and save money. Ten hours is a LONG time to be in a car. The DVD player was our lifesaver.
Scotty got his mission call and of all places, he got called to Long Beach California! It's the perfect place for him to serve. We are so happy for him. We might have to take a break from Newport next year, so goodbye Newport for now.