Playing Catch up

Sunday, November 2, 2008

FYI. . . I have done a few posts since it's been a while. A lot has gone on, and I thought it would be easier to post them separately rather than doing one long post. So check them all out.

Happy Halloween

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kate's first Halloween. She was Tinkerbell. She didn't love the wings, so they were only on long enough to take some pictures. But doesn't she look so dang cute?


Monday night everyone met at Moffitt's house to carve pumpkins. I was so excited to do this because a friend of mine let me copy her pumpkin. It was a football helmet with the U logo on it. I let Ryan do it though, and I did a spider with her web.

Ryan in the process of carving his pumpkin.My pumpkin was hard. I was the last to finish.
Spider web(mine), U of U football helmet(Ryan's), Happy Halloween(Jessica's), Halloween ghoul(Greg's), and Tessa with her fish(Jon's and Scott's)
Look how good they turned out! The hard work paid off.

Happy Birthday Jackson 10/13/08

It was Jackson's 2nd birthday while Gollhofer's were in town for Kate's blessing. We went to Jungle Jim's to celebrate. We had so much fun. Who would've guessed adults could have just as much fun as the kids?!

Jackson patiently waiting for us to sing to him.

I really wanted to ride this roller coaster, and figured that if the kids were "scared" to go on it, I could be the good aunt and ride with them so they wouldn't be so scared. I can tell you though, one time was more than enough for me. I don't quite have the stomach for roller coasters anymore.
Hey. . . It's his birthday! How can you tell him this isn't how you play this game and he's doing something wrong?

I guess I like Jungle Jim's quite a bit. I used Jackson as an excuse the ride the bumper cars. I think I had more fun than he did.

Kate's Blessing 10/12/08

We blessed Kate on October 12th. It was such a wonderful day. The only thing that would've made it a better day was if the weather was cooperating so people could hang out outside, and not feel like they had to eat and rush out the door. We had a great turn out and we appreciate all the support and help to make this day so great. Ryan did absolutely amazing. The night before I asked Ryan if he was nervous to bless her, and of course he wasn't. He hadn't even thought about what he was going to say. He said he would just let the spirit guide him. You would've guessed she was the upteenth child he had blessed. He's a natural when it comes to things like this.

Here is Kate and Brewer just hangin out on the big day.
Here's some of the fam Hanging out eating and talking.
Doesn't Parker look so good without his front teeth?!

Happy Birthday Ryan! (9/24/08)

For Ryan's birthday I surprised him and did dinner and dessert up at our cabin with the fam. He was totally shocked. Earlier that day I had Parker text him saying they were going to the cabin for dinner if we wanted to join them. Ryan called me and asked if I wanted to go. I acted like I didn't really want to go. Once Ryan found out I had not made dinner, he made the decision that we were going up there. I knew if it was his decision he would never guess anything was going on! When we pulled up to the cabin, he saw a white Tahoe and it took him a few seconds to realize that it was his Dad's car, and he had been fooled. We had a great time! We had some of his favorite food. Pizza and Drumsticks. I decided to have a salad there too for the rest of us. (For those of you who don't know Ryan well enough, Salad is NOT in his diet.)

Some of us went outside on the swing

And others played around the workd ping pong

but all of us had drumsticks for dessert!

Including the birthday boy!