Our second visit to the doctor

Sunday, February 24, 2008

On Wednesday we went to my second doctor's appointment. I still wasn't feeling very well. That morning was a tough morning for me. So when we went to the appointment, I was already emotional. They took my weight, then took us into our room. The nurse came in to take my blood pressure, and asked me if I was ok because I have lost some weight, and they were concerned. Once she left, I broke down. I was worried that somehow I was harming the baby. Then the doctor came in and said the exact same thing, so that didn't help. I started crying again, and you could tell he felt bad. He said we need to do something to make me feel better. He pulled out the Doppler, and we were FINALLY able to hear the baby's heartbeat. (We weren't able to at the last appt because he had to take off and go deliver two babies. . . How rude!) It was so awesome. It made everything feel so real. There really is a human being growing inside of me! I heard it! It's probably in my head, but I feel like ever since Wednesday, I'm feeling better every day. Either it is because I was able to hear the heartbeat, or because I'm starting my second trimester! Take your pick. I am 14 weeks today! We will be able to find out whether we're having a boy or a girl at our next appt! March 26th is the big day. We can't wait to find out. Then we can start getting the room ready. Ryan is most excited to re-paint the whole room a different color :) We still aren't sure what we want to do with the room, but Im sure it'll come with time. If you have any cute idea's just let us know.

Our weekend with Windu

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We need to apologize to everyone, because I don't think we blog nearly as much as people would like us to. Our lives are just too busy. But we decided to make time tonight! Lots has gone on, but probably nothing too exciting. This past weekend we loved/hated. We had to opportunity to puppy sit my brother's and sister's new ADORABLE seven week old shitzu/maltese puppy. His name is Windu by the way. We got him Friday at noon, and I took him to work with me since it was just my mom and friend, Cari coming in. I figured they wouldn't mind holding him while I did their hair. But I tell you, he was the center of attention. Everyone was dying at how cute he was. At this point Ryan hadn't seen him yet, and he really wasn't looking forward to having him all weekend. So I brought him home friday after work, and the second Ryan saw Windu, he knew we were in trouble. We didn't want to go anywhere without him. It was so much fun, and we just had a blast with him. So when Parker decided he wanted Windu back on Monday, I just about died. It was the hardest thing ever to give them back their own puppy. I guess you could say Ryan and I got a little too attached to Windu. So although we loved the weekend with Windu, we hated to see him go, and now our home is sooo lonely :(

I got Tagged!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I just read Jess's blog, and I noticed she tagged me like over a week ago. Im assuming that what Im supposed to do is answer the questionaire that she was answering when she tagged me!

On this history of Ryan and I

How long have you been together? We met eachother in February 2004, and got married in June 2005.

How long did you date? We dated for one year and four months, but that includes the engagement.

How old is he? Old. Just kidding! He is 28.

Who eats more? Ryan eats more now. When we first met, he ate like a bird. I taught him how to eat. (He can eat as much as he wants and he won't gain a single pound. He has weighed the same since his mission.)

Who said "I love you" first? I guess if its the actual phrase "I Love you" I said it first. Because he said, "I think I love you". ( Don't worry, I still give him a hard time for it!)

Who is taller? Ryan is. He is 6' 3", and I am 5' 9".

Who sings better? I guess it would have to be Ryan. I can't sing a note to save my life.

Who is smarter? Ryan by far. And he LOVES to correct people. It can get rather annoying at times.

Who does the laundry? I usually do, but Ryan has been the one lately. He has really stepped up, and I really appreciate it.

Who does the dishes? Once again, I usually do, but Ryan is amazing. In the past I would have to ask him to do it, now he just does it without my help!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If your facing the bed I do. ( Its the closest to the door)

Who pays the bills? We have everything set up on automatic bill pay, but I guess Im the one who double checks them to make sure they get paid.

Who mows the lawn? Ryan does. But I do have to say that when I was living at home and Parker was on his mission, I was the one who mowed the lawn. So I am capable of doing the job.

Who cooks dinner? I used to every now and then before I got pregnant. But now since Im eating every two hours, we just eat whatever. Poor Ryan.

Who is more stubborn? I am by far. Not necessarily a good thing. I tend to hold grudges, and Ryan is quick to forgive. Or if I think Im right, I won't let it go.

Who kissed who first? Ryan attacked me! Just kidding, but he did kiss me, and I wasn't expecting it at all.

Who asked who out? I would have to say he asked me out.

Who proposed? Ryan did. It was so cute. He took me where we went on our first date, and he proposed there.

Who is more sensitive? I am. Especially right now. I cry over everything.

Who has more friends? Thats tough. I would have to say its a tie. I might have more friends, but we hang out with Ryan's friends more often.

Who has more siblings? It's a tie. He has three brothers and a sister, and I have three sisters and a brother.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? I would have to say Ryan, but if you ask him, he would say me.

Who are you tagging? Toni!

Not much is new with our little family. We're just busy with work. We've definately turned into home bodies. After work I am just too tired to do anything. So we spend our evenings on the couch with me falling asleep around 8pm. Poor Ryan. He has no wife right now. But Im hoping that once I start feeling better that things will go back to normal.
I guess the things that are new with our family and friends we can share! Today we had the opportunity to go baby Jack's baby blessing. This is Toni and Doug's adorable boy. I've had the chance to hang out with Toni and Jack quite a bit, and if my baby is as cute as him, I am one lucky mother!
My dear friend/cousin (we're related down the line!) Cherie and Adam had their baby girl about two weeks ago. We are so excited for them. Ryan and I are terrible friends and still haven't made it to Farmington to see them, but hopefully soon we'll make it up there.
We found out that My Uncle Barry got called to be a Mission President. We think thats pretty amazing. We are so happy for him and Aunt Julia. They know they are going somewhere thats spanish speaking and they leave June 21st. But they don't know where they are going yet. What an exciting opportunity and experience.
As for my family and the Moffitt's I don't think anything is really new.