Our little Angel

Monday, January 25, 2010

This past Sunday we had Stake Conference. I was pretty nervous, and just banking on the fact that we would be leaving early due to Kate's behavior. I packed TONS of treats, her Church Book, books to read, paper to color on, more treats, and her big sippy cup filled to the brim with milk. We got there a little early so we could somewhat stake out the best spot to sit. We chose a spot near the back but in the middle of the row. To the right of us we had 2 little girls the same age, and to the left were more little kids. We didn't know anyone around us, but us mother's figured it would be best if our girls shared the books and toys to entertain each other. The other two little girls were acting up quite a bit, and had to be taken out several times throughout the two hours. It was a whole different story for Katie Baby! She did amazing! We didn't have to take her out once. She didn't act up and do her silly little tantrum. She just played with her own toys, and when she was bored of that, she would pull out a treat, and when she was done with that she would play some more, then do the routine all over again! And it wasn't like we had space at all. Every seat on the row was taken by the adults, then the kids had the space at our feet to play with. If anything, I had to take Ryan out and sit him in time out! I am so proud of my little girl! I'm not holding my breath, but now I'm hoping this is how she'll act at Church so I can maybe get something out of it.

Our very own little Christms

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Before we spent the day with the Moffitt's and Smith's, we wanted to have our own little Christmas. At first we thought we didn't need to get Kate anything big. We thought she was too little to understand. Two day's before I was feeling guilty, so I went out and got her one big gift. I'm so glad I did it!

When Kate first woke up, she had no idea what was going on. She was getting mad at me that I was trying to make her walk into the family room.
Once she walked around the corner and saw everything, she went straight to the table!
For some of the time, she would just sit there admiring her table.

She is in Heaven! She wouldn't even acknowledge her other toys she got.
Getting this definitely paid off!
Our fam in front of the Christmas tree.
I don't have a picture of it, but Ryan gave me the best present ever! It was so sweet, it made me cry. He wrote me the sweetest letter saying that all he wants for Christmas, he already has: Kate and I. He just wants us to be happy. With the letter, he gave me a coupon book that I get to use throughout the year! Some of them were . . . He gets to do ALL the laundry. I get to win this argument automatically. A professional massage. A date night with flowers, dinner, and a movie. He gets to mop the floor. My favorite one in the book was the very last one . . .
I can't wait to redeem this coupon! It will hopefully happen this year, but we need to choose our time wisely. Before this present, Ryan and I were on different pages. He wanted to wait another year before we start trying, and I wanted to start trying now. So we're going to compromise!
Thanks Ryan for the best Christmas ever!
Merry Christmas Everyone

First Christmas in Grandma's new home

We spent Christmas evening with the Smith family. My mom moved into her new condo the very end of November, so we were able to celebrate Christmas there.

Here is Kate and Brewer
Coco and Bosty opening up some presents
For Christmas we all pitched in for my Mom's present. We all made her a beaded watch bracelet. It was funny watching her pull them out one by one. You can see in the pictures that she's getting more and more excited the more she pulls out! We also went in on a TV for her bed room. We figured it was time for her to retire her 15 year old 12" TV with an attached VCR!

For Christmas this year we decided to not exchange gifts. But of course, Kelly found a loop hole around that one! She was so kind enough to put together our family video's on a DVD for all of us. Here we are watching some of them. Most of them were when my Dad was still around. It was so nice to feel like he was apart of us this Christmas.

Parker and Lindsi also surprised us with a Christmas present. They informed us that Lindsi is PrEgNaNt!!!!

Congratulation's Smitherinos. We are so happy for you and can't wait to find

out if it's a boy or a girl.

Christmas with the Moffitt's

For Christmas Eve the Moffitt's have a tradition that we all get new PJ's.
Here are all the girls sporting our pajama's.
Jess, Mom, and I

Nana and Papa were so kind to get Kate a kitchenette for Christmas. Kate loves having this!
Kate and Nana hanging out.
Mo, Lindsey, Jess, Megan, Kate, and I
We had a fabulous time with the Moffitt's on Christmas. We were fortunate enough to talk with Scott for a little while too. It was so good to hear from him!

Two disaster's and One Success

Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a tradition that before Christmas us Moffitt kids get together and have a Gingerbread House contest. Well I can tell you that there was a CLEAR WINNER this year, and no it was not us!

Here is Jess, Jon, and Mo getting the frosting ready.
Jon had the coolest idea where he was going to do a little village.
Here he is working away.
And this is as far as the project got. For some reason this year, our frosting wasn't very sturdy. Everything kept falling apart. Including our house! The frosting just wouldn't hold.

So Ryan and I decided to get into a frosting fight instead! Kate did NOT like that for one second. It scared her to death. She thought we were hurting each other. Pretty cute if you ask me!
Here is our end result! Anyone wanna live in this nice rundown home??
Jess and Greg learned from our mistake, and was patient with the frosting. Greg held their roof together for like 20 minutes for the frosting to harden!
And it paid off! Their's was by far the best!
Congrats Jess and Greg for winning this time!

Thanksgiving with the Peterson's

I know what your all thinking, why am I doing posts about Thanksgiving in the middle of January? I'll tell you why, because I want to put all my post's in a book sometime, and I would be so sad if I didn't have this in my book. So I'm really trying to play catch up!

After having a fabulous time with the Moffitt's, we went to Emily's (a cousin) church to get together with the Peterson side. We figure with the amount of people there are, it would be easier to meet at a church versus someones home.

Here is everyone eating the yummy Thanksgiving dinner

After eating, we thought it would be fun to play some big group games. Jamie taught us the funnest game. I'm not sure what it's called, but we pretty much make a fool out of ourselves! She tells us a saying, and we have to act it out. One was you have to get five people in a boat and pretend your rowing. One was you have to pick someone up and hold them like a baby. Another one was act like a pirate with a bird on your shoulder. Another one was man overboard, one person was on all four's and the other one puts their foot on your back, and pretend to look for someone overboard. The point is, if there isn't enough people to do that task, they are out of the game. You keep going until you have one winner!
Here we are being a pirate.
Man Overboard!
Kim's birthday was on thanksgiving, so we helped her celebrate.
Happy birthday Kimbo!
Another game we played was Kickball. Our team was the Snickelfritzes. We kicked butt!

Here is the beginning of Ryan's big score. Got a home run!
After all the games, we turned on some music for the kids to dance to.
It's Kate's new favorite thing!
Ryan was complaining that we never to a "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner and
dress up, so he took it up himself to dress us up like Indians!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving with the Moffitt's

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We were fortunate enough to spend Thanksgiving with both families this year. (We try to do that every year with all the Holidays. ) It started with the Moffitt's! We went to Ron and Suzanne's home. We hung out, enjoyed one anothers company, and ate the most delicious food ever. Grandma Moffitt is one amazing cook!

Grandma and Kate Some of the best food ever! She makes everything by scratch.
Some of the crew "slavin away"
The Clan
Kate and Aunt Jess
The cute Girls in the family!
The handsome boys
Jon, Meg's, and Mom

Ryan, Grandma, Kate, and I

I am truly lucky to have married into this family. They are the greatest family ever. We all have such a great time together! I couldn't have asked for better in-laws.

The Happiest Place on Earth

I know, I know. I'm way over due on blogging. I'm two months over due to be exact. The next couple of day's might be slow for me with work, so I'm hoping I can catch up on all the excitement that's gone on in our lives the past 2 months.

So here it begins!
In November we were fortunate enough to take Kate back to the Happiest Place on Earth. I can't get over what a good baby she was during this trip. I think the only time she cried was back at the hotel. (If she even cried then.)

Here we are the first day. I think just about everyone that owned one, wore their Disney shirts. You can't go to Disney Land without getting the famous family photo in front of Mickey's face made out of flowers.

Here are all the "True" Utah fan's in our group! Although we were in Cali, we were still rootin' for the Utah Utes playing that day.

The BIRTHDAY GIRL, LeXi! Lexi turned 5 while we were there, and she dressed up as her favorite character, Tinkerbell. Can you think of a better way for a 5 year old to spend their birthday?? I love you Lexi!

Here we are with some of the Disney Characters. Kate would just stare at most of them. She liked them from afar, but didn't want to get too close.

Kate would just go, go, go, until she could handle no more. Twice this trip she would fall asleep in mid bite! Silly girl. Other's would try and get power naps too! Here is Kim, Taylor, and Greg taking a cat nap.
Ry and I were the "Record Catch"!
To the left is Kel Bel and Breckyn.
Kate and Ryan on the Merry Go Round. Kate would let Ryan take
her on the Merry Go Round over and over and over again. She loved that ride!
To the right is Taylor and Kate.
Kelly, Breckyn, my Mom, and Kate.

Random group photo's. When we would go on "It's a Small World", which all the kids loved by the way, we would take up 2 boats every time!

BaCoN wRaPpEd AsPaRaGuS . . . Need I say more?
This picture of Jackson is a funny story. The last day we finally got him to go on the Haunted Mansion. The first part was too scary for him, so during that part he would plug his ears, close his eyes, and zone out! After the ride, he would always say it was his favorite ride!

Where the Magic begins! This was my favorite time. There is an amazing firework show, and after the show, they play some music and make it snow in Disneyland! Could it get more magical than that?

Don't I make an awesome fireman??
The other two pictures are of us surfin'!

Kate, Carter, Breckyn, and even Jackson spent a lot of their time in their stroller.
Little do they know how good they have it!
The group picture is right after we all enjoyed one of the famous Corn dogs.
Here is our tradition we do every time we go. We all choose a hat to wear, and take a group photo. We always feel bad for the person we ask to take our picture because they always end up taking pictures with 10 camera's!
What a great way to end our trip. The castle looked amazing!

What a fun vacation! Can't wait until we can go back again.