The Masonic Lodge

Monday, February 15, 2010

Friday night my brother, Parker, and his friend Kevin Anderson, put together a benefit Concert where all the money they raised were going to help the people in Haiti. They got TONS of people to help make this happen. Lots of people offered to give away gifts that were raffled off throughout the night. There were family, friends, and friends of the bands here, and more! I was so happy to see how many people came to support this, but on that same note, you can never have too many people there :)

Before the concert even started, Kevin and Parker hit it off by raffling off some items. Ryan was the very first person to win something! He won a 10 Day pass to Momentum. He is so ecstatic about this. He can't wait to start climbing again.

What was so nice about where they held this concert was that it was kid friendly! They had a huge open area where all the kids came together and played and danced the night away.
Here are Lindsi and Justin working hard! They had to manage the raffle tickets,
hand out the prizes, and dealt with the silent auction.
All the prizes that need to be given away. There were over 60! I was so impressed with everyone who came together, and offered items to give away. There was a couple $20 gift cards to Fat Cats and Chuck-a-Rama. There was 2 different FIVE HOUR packages to get massages, a couple $40 gift cards to another restaurant(I can't remember the name). A day pass for 2 people to get into Momentum. Quite a few bead watches, the latest fashion! (Thanks to Kelly who donated those.) Two different packages of Lia Sophia jewelry that a friend of mine donated. ($200 worth!). 2 different karate lesson packages. There were many more items! The last item they gave away was a rafting trip down in Moab. The guy that won that is pretty lucky!
Mom, Kate and I.
The second group claiming their prizes.
The Brian Bingham Band was the first to start. They were amazing!
This was Ryan's favorite group. The first 2 prizes we won! Let me correct myself, Ryan won them. With all the raffle tickets we bought, Ryan's tickets won ALL the prizes. In one hand was his Momentum pass, in the other was a gift basket filled with Katelyn and Co. bows, headbands, and leggings.
Lori and Nathan won a TON of prizes! This was just the beginning for them. They won some headphones, a purse, one gift certificate to Snowbird for 2 ski passes, another gift certificate to Snowbird to spend the night at their hotel, and ANOTHER gift certificate to Snowbird to spend a day in the summer with different activities.
Here is Parker telling everyone about "Healing Hands for Haiti" and "Les Enfants De Sion" and what great organizations they are.
Another band that played. The main guy was Jeremy Tyler. He was awesome! I think my favorite. (Then again, all of them were probably my favorite!)
The other band to play was the Desert Noises. But this also gives you
an idea of how the auditorium was layed out.
The last band for the night. Carlos Cornia. He sang Reggae.
He was the one to get everyone on their feet dancing.
To give you an idea of how many people showed up.
All night Kate kept trying to climb up on stage. With the last group, she just
walked to the front and started dancing in front of the crowd.
Lori and Nathan at the end with the rest of their prizes! More Headphones, an Ipod, a basket full of product, 2 more purses, and I can't remember what else. They deserve all these prizes with all the money they donated!
Some other gifts we (Ryan) won was some Lia Sophia jewelry and a $20
gift card to Chuck-A-Rama.
Thanks so much Parker and Kevin for putting together such a great concert. I know we had so much fun, and we are so glad we can help out the people in Haiti.
You guys should do another concert! I know we will be there in a heart beat if you do.

Kelly Ann

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My sister Kelly had a birthday yesterday. I want to tell her how much I appreciate her. She is such a wonderful person. She is so kind, caring, giving, polite, admirable, and considerate. These are all probably understatements too. She would give up anything she could for someone in need. She is constantly giving. This is one of the things I love about her. She NEVER puts herself first (Even though at times, she probably should put herself first).

She is ALWAYS finding ways she can spend more time with her nieces and nephews.
She will be the one to call us and ask us if she can take our kids.
(That's not the way it's supposed to work, right??)

Kelly is such a wonderful Mom. Breckyn is so so so lucky to have her.
Kelly is also a wonderful wife. She is so good to Bryce!
(Of course, Kelly is lucky to have Bryce and Breckyn in her life too.)
Happy Birthday Kelly!
I love you and hope you had a fantastic birthday.

Morgan Ana

Morgan turned a big 5 on January 5Th. She is such a joy to have in the family! Morgan is such a great example to Kate. Kate looks up to her so much! Morgan is a wonderful "big sister". I love the way Kate's eyes just light up the second she sees Morgan.

For Morgan's birthday she invited all of her friend's to Bouncin' Off The Walls. It was so much fun!
Here are some of the kids bouncin around.
I would have to say this slide was a hit. . .
Even the adults had a blast on it!
Morgan blowing out her candles. I hope her wish comes true!
Morgan and her Dad.

Happy Birthday Morgan! We just love you so very much, and are so lucky to have you as our niece and cousin.

Olsen Cabin

Less than a week after we got home from our cabin, we were so very lucky to go up to the Olsen cabin. Greg's parents have only had this cabin for a couple of month's, and they are already so willing to share this wonderful cabin with others. We had such a wonderful time!

Here is the whole Moffitt clan (minus Scott)
These two girls are the best of friends! They had a blast together.
We thought we had a brilliant plan to tie the tube to the back of the snowmobile, and go for a ride. Mark was the first to try it out. Lets just say it looks a lot more fun than it really was. Too much snow in the face, and it's a killer on the neck. We spent some of the time on the snowmobile. It was nice and relaxing for Kate! She would
usually take a cat nap.
And we spent a lot of the time sledding! Here is Jon and Megan. When we went snowmobiling, we wet on this great trail that led to this fabulous view!
Here is Andy, Lindsey, and Morgan.
One night we had a great game of Poker. Here we all are strategizing our next move :)
Andy won the game. Great job Andy! Greg gave him a run for his money though.
Kate being oh so adorable!
Nana and Kate hanging out at the bottom of the massive hill.
The Massive hill I was talking about!
Us girls looking cute.
We would link on to each other and ride down. Here are the boys.
Thank you so much Jess and Greg for allowing this trip to happen.
We really appreciate all that you did this weekend! I know our family had a great time.
A huge thank you to Greg's Parents also for trusting us with your cabin and snowmobiles.

You have a beautiful place.

We're hoping we can do it again someday!

2010, Here we come!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

For New Year's it was our year to have our family cabin. Due to four other families we only get it once every 4 years, so we were pretty excited to be going up there. It's a pretty big ordeal getting everything up to the cabin. We can only get there on snowmobiles, so we have sleds that we pull and put all of our belongings in them. For this trip we only had two snowmobiles, so we had to stagger the times we all came up. Ryan, Kate, and I were first. Parker was kind enough to go up the night before to turn on the heaters. When he came it was a whopping 20 degrees. BRRRRR! So when we got up there I think it had gotten up to 58 degrees. Still BRRRR! Kate and I stayed at the cabin while Ryan went back down to help everyone else out.

Here is Kate all bundled up.
Kate LOVES having her little dance parties. Here is Aunt Jackie dancing with Kate and Brewer. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen thanks to the abundance of food we all brought up.
Here we all are ringin in the New Year! Happy 2010 Ryan "surprised" everyone with his Superman boxers. He thought this was as close as he was going to get to streaking. He was wrong! Of course you can't celebrate without someone streaking. Ryan, Parker, and Bryce did take it down a notch this year! Once they got naked, they only ran around on the deck and decided to not go out snowmobiling naked. For everyones sake, I decided to keep this pg-13, and leave out the naked shots.
Afterwards, us girls dared each other to go run around outside WITH our clothes on, just no shoes or socks. I was in back, and thought I was so funny when they turned the corner and ran into the snow, and I stayed back. What a fun way to celebrate the new year!
The next day we played outside all day. Here is Parker trying to throw snowballs at us. I also thought this was a cool picture.
Grandma and Kate hanging out!
We went sledding a TON! Here I am sledding with the kids.
When us big kids would go sledding, we would go on the main road. We went from our cabin, to about half way down the canyon. It was such a rush! One person would stay back, and come get us with the snowmobile, and this sled attached. We would all pile in and come back to the cabin, to do it all over again!
Kelly and I getting ready to race!
Daddy and Kate enjoying some hot cocoa.
Kelly, Jaclyn, and I being silly. I thought it would be funny to try and get Jaclyn out in the snow. Kelly and I wrestled with her for a little bit. But she's a strong one! We decided to be nice and spare her. . .
So they thought it would be funny to try and get me in the snow! I had to go to the bathroom, so they thought they would be SO sneaky by just grabbing me once I came out.
Little did they know that I could hear them trying to be SO sneaky. I knew they were up to something! So I thought I would be so funny and sneaky by filling a glass up with water and dumping it on them! I got Jaclyn first. She didn't even see it coming! What made it even funnier was that Kelly just sat there laughing and was glad it was Jaclyn, not her that was all wet. In the meantime, I filled up the glass again, and poured it all over Kelly! Who's the sneaky one now?! Ya, they didn't think we were even, so they still attacked me, and I fought as hard as I could. I feel like I fought a good fight.
Bryce decided he would "help" us finish this off once and for all. We all ended up in the snow!
This time we were lucky because we had socks on. It wasn't as bad.
The last day we went for once last snowmobile ride. The view was gorgeous!

I just love this cabin so much. We are so fortunate to have had such a loving Grandfather who built this for us so we could create such wonderful memories.

Kelly also did a great post on this trip, and has tons more pictures, and has shared some more funny stories of what we did at the cabin. If your interested click here.