Four Years

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

That is how long Ryan and I have been married. It's been a wonderful journey, and I wouldn't change a single thing. Ryan is the greatest thing that has ever stepped foot into my life. What would I do without him? He is such a wonderful and loving husband. We have so many fond memories. We have so much fun together. I hate the time I spend away from him. I count down the hours/minutes/seconds until he gets home from work/Young mens (that's where he's at right now!) I look forward to the great memories that we will continue to make. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, companion, husband, and lover! (That's right!) Our Anniversary was on Monday. Ryan got off work early and we went to the yummy CHEESECAKE FACTORY for dinner. It was a wonderful treat. I can't tell you the last time I was able to sit down for dinner and enjoy the WhOlE mEaL without any interruptions. (Thanks Jana for watching Kate!) Then afterwards we went car shopping. How amazing is Ryan?! Giving me a car for our anniversary. It'll take a lot to top that one! We haven't picked one out yet but mark my word, you will be the first to know when we do get one.

Thanks for all you do for me Ry! I love you!
HaPpY AnNiVeRsArY!

I love this picture of us on our wedding day.

Candid shot of us coming out of the temple.
The rest of the photo's are really random. Shots of good times we've had throughout our marriage.
Miss 4 eyes and Ryan hanging out in Colorado.
Ryan was the Magician and I was his assistant at our wonderful friends Halloween Dinner Party.
Having a great time in Disneyland.
On our way home from Lake Powell.

Enjoying Sea World.
Us at Bear Lake. . . Man I miss that place.

Our cute little family up at the Homestead. Gotta love this Family Photo!

Bringin Back Style

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Kate's hair is starting to get pretty long where it's getting fun to style. I was playing with it the other day, and this is what she got!

Here she is sportin the MoHaWk! I say it looks pretty good on her!

The 3rd time's the ChArM

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We have taken Kate swimming three times now and the first two times she did not like it AT ALL. The first time we took her was out in Colorado. We went to an indoor pool. Every time there was even the tiniest splash she would freak out. We thought that if we kept trying to get in the pool she would eventually warm up to the idea. We were unfortunately wrong. I think we really wore her out because the second we wrapped her up in a towel and gave her a binki, she was out.

Our second attempt was at the Homestead with the Moffitt's. Now don't let this smile trick you. This was in the room before we headed to the pool. We thought she would for sure like it better because the water was actually warm. Once again, she fussed almost the whole time. We thought that maybe if we gave her the binki in the pool she would enjoy it more. I'm sure Jess was in heaven because when we gave her the binki she was all cuddly with Jess in the pool!

The third time finally came! I was really nervous thinking she was going to hate it, and she LOVED it! Although this picture doesn't do it justice, she was smiling and splashing the whole time! It was so much fun. I don't know if it was the fact that we were outside that made the difference because the other two times were indoor pools.

We are extremely excited for this Summer and to be able to play and enjoy our time outside. Kate is always in heaven outside. If she's ever fussy, just take her outside, and she'll immediately stop!

My Twitter catch up blog post

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For all of you who follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen all the following pictures and posts but I thought I'd repost them on the Blog. Most of them are older but they are still fun. I'll work from oldest to newest.

A month ago, I had a healthy dose of testosterone rush to my brain and I purchased a grill. I like being a guy.

I went down to Lake Powell with my Brother-in-law and a bunch of his friends. We had an awesome time and I fell in love with wake surfing. We also built a waterslide right on the beach.

Here is a random shot of Kate wearing Christy's headband. She is so so happy.

Giving the vampires their payment for keeping the werewolves away. Just kidding. I have now donated over 4 gallons since I got home from my mission. I wonder how many people are walking around with my blood in thier veins?

We went up to the Homestead for the Memorial Day weekend and had an amazing time. The first night we were there we decided to make Smores and this was our first fire pit. We later stole the bigger and nicer pit when the people who had "reserved" it didn't show up.

Here is Morgan pushing Kate on the swing. This was the first time Kate had tried the swing but she loved it.

Wasatch Back Relay

Monday, June 1, 2009

As most of you don't know, I am running in the Ragnar Relay June 19th. Call me crazy! I can't tell you how excited I am though. I have never ran in a relay before so it's a big step to start with something like this. But I can do it! My biggest supporter believe it or not has been wonderful Baby Kate. She comes along with me on all my runs. I know I need a jogging stroller but this stroller has actually worked out really well for us. Here is Kate all bundled up ready to go! (Ready to take a nap really but it works.) You can actually see some snow in the background! I think this picture was taken either in Feb or March.

Our team consists of Uncle Gary, Cousins Jen and her boyfriend Glen, Matt, Greg, Natalie, and Kim on my side of the family. Sister Jaclyn. Cousin Mike on Ryan's side of the fam. Then Natalie has two friends that joined us.
Tonight was great! Half of our team totally bonded. Matt, Greg, Mike, Jaclyn, Jen, and I ran up to our cabin from the bottom of our gate. For those of you that know where that is, you know how steep it gets. We didn't figure out exactly, but we think it's 3.3 miles. We cleaned our cabin spotless. Then down we came! Uncle Gary joined us on the way down. It was so much fun! I am actually giving myself too much credit though. On the way up, I walked most the time. But on the way down was a whole different story!
I'm going running in the morning with a friend, so after that Ill have an even better idea of whats it going to be like running in the race. For those of you who don't know how it works, we have twelve runners. Every one has 3 different legs they run. Each leg consists of between 3-8 miles. We start in Logan at 8:30 am on Friday June 19th, and end in Park City on the 20th. Some of us will run at 2 in the afternoon and some of us will run at 2 in the morning! We will have a few hours in between each leg to rest, and try to sleep before our next leg.
If anyone has any advice I would gladly take it! I'm so thrilled to have this experience. I know I'm not the fasted, and I know our team wont win, But I do know that I will start this race, and finish this race and I will be so proud of myself!
Sorry for the major gap in our blogs. Life is busy! I have no idea where you guys get your time to blog. I wish I had at least 5 more hours every day to get things done. Where does time go? You would think that I would have plenty of time with Kate waking up between 6-6:30 now. I guess I just find other things to fill my time. Also, I would try and blog and every time I tried to add a picture, we would lose our Internet connection. So frustrating! Luckily Ryan fixed it though. No more excuses. I have tons to blog about so hopefully there will be lot more to come in the near future. No more waiting for 3 months! (My last blog was February, the others were Ryan)