The last 7 months...

Monday, March 19, 2012

I thought I would finally catch up on the highlights of our life since Jackson has joined our family.

I am so lucky to have 2 really close friends that are great photographers. Thanks to them, we will always have family pictures taken quite often. The first set of pictures are taken with Cherie. We went up to Farmington and went to a spot by her house.
The kids cooperated so well.
I love how photogenic Kate is.
The next set of pictures are with my friend Shay.
We went up to Day Break and took some pictures by the lake.
We also went to Soda Row and got some great shots outside the shops.
Kate is such a great big sister and loves Jackson sooo much.
Kate really wanted to be Princess Aurora for Halloween.
We borrowed this adorable Horse costume from a friend for Jackson.
I thought they both looked awesome for Halloween!
In November we went to Disneyland with the Peterson Posse.
Jackson didn't love it as much as I thought he would.
The first few days were pretty rough, but eventually he felt the magic!
I LOVE that we have such a fun, large group when we go!
Makes the trip that much more enjoyable.

In December Kate and her cousin, Morgan, performed
at half time in one of the U of U basketball games.
They had a blast, and performed so well.
Kate showing off her mad dance skills on the floor!
Christmas Time!!
Jackson's first haircut... Bittersweet.
He went from looking like an adorable baby to a handsome gentleman.
My oldest niece, Lauren, got married the end of December.
Welcome to the family Tyler!!
We were fortunate to go out to Colorado and be a part of it.
My Dad's younger brother, Nyle, passed away January 11th.
It's sad for us to not have him here on Earth with us,
but I know it was his time to go.
I know he is soarin' high with my Dad.
(Also causing lots of trouble, and having everyone roll around
laughing so hard!!!) Rest In Peace Uncle Nyle!
We love you so much!!!
Jackson going swimming for the first time.
He LOVED the water!!!
Fun, random pictures of my cute kiddo's.
I love them more than words can explain.
They are my light and life!